Welcome to Extraordinary Child!

 Where every child belongs

  Extraordinary Child is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization

We still provide opportunties for families to get together.

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We offer a supportive and nurturing opportunities for all children, with or without disabilities, and their families.

We offer a judgement free safe zone for EVERYONE to enjoy.



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With a heavy heart we have  temporarily closed our doors due to lack of funding and volunteers.

We know that many children and families depend on us and we are working hard to re-open.

This was not a choice we wanted to make and We have not given up.

We are still a non-profit we just no longer have a physical place to meet.



At our specially designed therapeutic setting, we provided resources, social opportunities, networking, social play, a place to practice therapeutic techniques, and most importantly a place to have fun.

Play is the work of children, and it is through play that children develop sensory, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive language, social, and emotional skills. Our Small play facility was made up of 6 main areas the Quiet Room, Social Play/Fine Motor area, Pillow Pit, Teen spot, Art room,  and Baby Play.

To use our facility you do did not need insurance or a referral, since we did not provide childcare or direct therapy. All we required is that people brought their Extraordinary Children and their sense of imagination.

We offered play groups, parent groups, birthday parties and more. 



 We need help....

We need Board Members and Committee general, legal, marketing, fundraising, and accounting- All that is required is meeting 4 times a year and about 3hours of volunteer work each month.

We need Donations and Sponsors!  All donations (More info & Application)- go toward funding our meetup groups for special needs families and helping us re-open and to continue to provide social & play opportunities in the community at large.



Consider Making a Donation today!

Your gift will make a significant difference to the lives of the children and families we serve.

Thank you!


This is Ben, a 4 yr old boy with Autism who came to play at our Open House. Later that day his mom found him singing a song about Extraordinary Child!!!

Please take a moment to enjoy a video that was created so graciously by Ray Kiernan exclusively for Extraordinary Child. Please share with your family and friends. Thank you Ray for your time and support!