Welcome to Extraordinary Child!

 Where every child belongs

 Extraordinary Child is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization

3 Industrial Drive Unit A,

Smithfield, RI 02917

Come in and play for only $5.00 until June 1st!

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Do your Spring cleaning and donate your unwanted items!


 In CELEBRATATION for EC's 1 Year Anniversay,

we'd like to thank you for your business by

 charging only $5.00/child for admission! (offer good until June 1st)


Our unique facility offers a supportive and nurturing environment for all children, with or without disabilities, and their families.

In addition, to our specially designed therapeutic setting, we provide resources, social opportunities, networking, social play, a place to practice therapeutic techniques, and most importantly a place to have fun.

Play is the work of children, and it is through play that children develop sensory, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive language, social, and emotional skills. Extraordinary Child's 4 main play areas (Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Sensory, and Social Play) are designed to enhance growth in all of these skill categories.

To use our facility you do not need insurance or a referral, since we do not provide childcare or direct therapy. All we require is that you bring your Extraordinary Children and your sense of imagination.

We offer play groups, birthday parties, parent groups and more. 



Why are we Extraordinary? 

We are unique...

In how we empower special needs families and persons with disabilities.

We are unique...

In our "NO APOLOGIES" policy. Unless a person has done real harm and an apology is appropriate, we reject the idea that a parent or person with disabilities should feel the need to constantly (usually unconsciously) apologize for being who they are.

We are unique...

In our belief that the movement of 'inclusion' goes both ways at a special needs organization, hence everyone is welcome and deserves help and respect.

We are unique...

We are the first organization to create a place that offers what we do.

We are unique...

Our design, mission, purpose, and goals all reflect that we are a companion service to other non-profits and therapy & medical practices and not their competitor. We provide families a place to learn about options and services that are available to them and provide a place to utilize skills they have learned at other organizations.

We are Uniquely Extraordinary... 

 Thank you Coco Key Boston for sponsoring our dream and helping special needs children.

Right now, when you purchase a ticket at Coco Keys, you can also choose to donate a dollar to help our cause.

When you choose your indoor water park adventure, be sure to go to a place that cares about charity and children.


     Hours of operation are based on the availability of our volunteers!

Volunteer opportunites available!

If you can donate 6 hours per month of your time, we will offer your children free access to our facility.

For daily updates on hours & happenings, please visit our FaceBook page.


Consider Making a Donation today!

Your gift will make a significant difference to the lives of the children and families we serve.

Thank you!


This is Ben, a 4 yr old boy with Autism who came to play at our Open House. Later that day his mom found him singing a song about Extraordinary Child!!!

Please take a moment to enjoy a video that was created so graciously by Ray Kiernan exclusively for Extraordinary Child. Please share with your family and friends. Thank you Ray for your time and support!